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Died on 942
Abdus al-Jahshiyari authored Kitâb al-Wuzara' wa'l-Kuttab (Book of the Viziers and Secretaries), an extensive work which began in pre-Islamic times, and gave an account of the secretaries of the Prophet (pbuh) and the secretaries of his successors down to the end of the Umayyad Caliphate. The narrat...
Born on 26 Jan, 1926 Died on 21 Nov, 1996
Mohammad Abdus Salam was a Pakistani theoretical physicist who, when he shared the 1979 Nobel Prize in Physics for his contribution to electroweak unification, became the first and only Pakistani to receive a Nobel Prize and also the first Muslim to win a Nobel Prize in science.
Born on 1070 Died on 1136
Abraham bar Hiyya was a Spanish Jewish mathematician and astronomer.   Please click here for more information.
Born on 1110 Died on 1180
Abraham ibn Daud (c.1110–1180) can be regarded as a pioneer in Jewish philosophy. Please click here for more information.