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Died on 1140
Al-Badî al-Astrulabî was a Muslim astronomer and director of astronomical observations in the palace of the Seljuk Sultan of Iraq. For more detail click here.
Died on 892
Early Muslim historian. Wrote a history of Arab conquests (Futuh al-buldan). Click here for more information.
Born on 950 Died on 1013
Ashari theologian and Maliki jurist of Iraq. Instrumental in propagation of Ashari kalam, though his own doctrinal contribution is difficult to distinguish. Debated at Buwayhid and Byzantine courts. Was appointed teacher of the Buwayhid ruler's son, Samsam al-Dawla. Supported the doctrine of the apo...
Born on 853 Died on 929
Al-Battani made remarkable accurate astronomical observations at Antioch and ar-Raqqah in Syria. Click here for more information.