Scholars A-Z

Born on 1184 Died on 1253
Al-Tifashi, Ahmad Bin Yousef (683 CE) was a geologist. One of his books on geology include, "Flowering Ideas on Gemstones" (Azhar Al-Afkar fi Jawahir Al-Ahjar). Although it is more than 200 years after the work of Al-Biruni, it is of lower scientific value. However, it is much superior both in class...
Died on 1710
Ahmed Efendi Brusi from Bursa was a theologian, astronomer and mathematician.
Ahmad ibn Abi al-Ash’ath, a famous physician from Mosul, Iraq. He described the physiology of the stomach in a live lion in his book al-Quadi wa al-muqtadi.
Ahmad ibn Fadlan was a writer and traveler. He was sent as the secretary to an ambassador from the Abbasid Caliph al-Muqtadir from Baghdad to the Volga Bulgars by the Black Sea and the Caspian.