Scholars A-Z

Born on 1355 Died on 1418
Shihab al-Din abu 'l-Abbas Ahmad ben Ali ben Ahmad Abd Allah al-Qalqashandi (1355 or 1356 – 1418) was a medieval Egyptian writer and mathematician.   Born in a village in the Nile Delta, al-Qalqashandi was scribe of the scroll (katib al-darj) in the Mamluk chancery in Cairo. He is the aut...
Born on 1184 Died on 1253
Al-Tifashi, Ahmad Bin Yousef (683 CE) was a geologist. One of his books on geology include, "Flowering Ideas on Gemstones" (Azhar Al-Afkar fi Jawahir Al-Ahjar). Although it is more than 200 years after the work of Al-Biruni, it is of lower scientific value. However, it is much superior both in class...
Born on 26 Oct, 1556 Died on 22 Apr, 1627
Ahmed Baba was a Teacher, Philosopher, Arabic grammarian and author of over 40 books and various works – ranging from biographies to commentaries. He was also the last chancellor of the University of Sankore. The institution, located in Timbuktu, was the jewel in the crown of the city...
Died on 1710
Ahmed Efendi Brusi from Bursa was a theologian, astronomer and mathematician.