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Died on 796
Yaʿqūb ibn Ṭāriq was an 8th-century Persian astronomer and mathematician who lived in Baghdad.
Yuhanna Ibn Batriq was an Assyrian, who produced the Sirr al-asrar.
A 9th century Persian physician from Khuzestan. He was a member of a prominent family of Nestorian Christian physicians, the Banu Bukhtishu‘ (or Bakhtishu‘) originally from Jundishapur in Khuzastan who worked in Baghdad from the 8th through to the 10th centuries. Yuhanna Ibn Bukhtishu was the son...
Died on 857
A physician and well known figure of Arabic pharmacology from Bayt al-hikma in Baghdad. He died in Samarra in 243 H/857 CE). He was a Christian and was director of the hospital at Bagdad and physician at the courts of calips beginning with Harun al-Rashid to al-Mutawakkil (847-861). He wrote many me...