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Born on 1304 Died on 1375
Ibn Al-Shater was an astronomer and mathematician.
Died on 1204
Abu Muhammad 'Abdallah ibn Muhammad ibn Hajjaj al-Adrini, more commonly known as Ibn al-Yasamin. As his name indicates, he was originally from a Berber tribe from the Maghreb (North Africa). Although his exact date of birth is unknown, we can reasonably place it in the second half of the twelfth cen...
Born on 830
'Abd al-Hamid Ibn Turk was a well known mathematician of the early 9th century, probably contemporary to al-Khwarizmi.
Born on 982 Died on 1056
Ibn Zur'a was a philosopher and translator. He was fluent in both Syriac and Arabic. Click here for more information.