Rabie El-Said Abdel-Halim

Prof. Rabie E. Abdel-Halim is an emeritus professor of urology and a medical historian. He is retired from the Department of Urology at King Saud University Medical College, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Urinary stone disease is his main urological research interest. His publications in this field include a book on Urolithiasis in the Western Region of Saudi Arabia: A clinical, biochemical and epidemiological study published in 1996 by King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology.

Meanwhile, he was and is still carrying out several primary source studies in the history of medicine, aiming at a critical evaluation of the contributions of Islamic medieval scholars to the progress of science and medical knowledge. In 2005 the Kuwait Foundation for Advancement of Sciences awarded him the Kuwait Prize for his research activities and publications in that field. In May 2009 he was selected as an associate member of the Foundation for Science Technology and Civilisation, Manchester, UK.

Recently he was invited as a visiting professor to Al-Faisal University, Riyadh, where he authored and taught courses in the History of Islamic Science and Islamic Medical Ethics, in addition to designing a course in Arabic Medical Poetry for future programs in medical humanities.

Prof. Rabie E. Abdel-Halim is also a poet with several Arabic poetry publications. His website is www.rabieabdelhalim.com. A longer biography of him can be found at the following link in www.MuslimHeritage.com: http://muslimheritage.com/topics/default.cfm?ArticleID=1138