Aise Asli Sancar

Aise Asli Sancar, born and raised in the U.S.A., but living in Istanbul for the last twenty-three years, has researched, written about and lectured on Ottoman Woman and the Ottoman family intermittently for more than a decade. Intrigued by the contradictions between the Orientalist image of Eastern women and the legacy of Ottoman women in Turkey, she set out to discover for herself the real status and role of women in Ottoman society. It was an enormously fulfilling quest that often spilled over into her personal life, throwing light on the cosmic dimensions of male-female dynamics as well. The author has two other books and numerous articles published, mainly on the subject of women and family. Sancar is a practicing Muslim and often speaks publicly on her decision to wear the headscarf. Coming from such a unique perspective (an American Christian convert to Islam), the author is well-grounded to investigate the dichotomies of two cultures.