ISF Inventions Fair


Curriculum Enrichment for the Future (CE4tF) was delighted to be invited to judge the ISF Annual Inventions Fair, held at the St. Anne’s Library in London. Pupils from years 4, 5 and 6 spent a term researching a Muslim scholar of their choice and recreated their ideas as models, displays, games, plays and quizzes.

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Ayshah Ismail, CEO of Curriculum Enrichment for the Future (CE4tF), had the difficult task of being the judge and choosing three pieces of work - the pupils who contributed to the chosen piece of work received a copy of the 1001 Inventions & Awesome Facts Kids book. All of the work displayed and presented was of an excellent quality, which made the decision all that much harder. After much deliberation with the head teacher, Mrs Fowziyah Reddy, it was eventually narrowed down to a model of the famous Elephant Clock – a model which would rival the real clock in terms of authenticity!


A second prize was awarded to an ingenious game focussing on Ibn Battuta’s travels. Ayshah played against one of the school’s teachers and the game entailed each player choosing of Ibn Battuta’s modes of transportation (horse, donkey or camel), throwing the dice to move forward and answering a trivia question about Ibn Battuta in order to move forward with each throw of the dice. The first person to reach Morocco won – and we’re pleased to say CE4tF answered all their questions correctly and won!

ISf 4 ISF 5

The third prize was awarded to a group of younger pupils who put together a very impressive display of constellations, using fairy lights to highlight each star.


CE4tF would like to offer the ISF staff and pupils our congratulations on their energy, creativity and dedication in bringing to life some amazing feats of medicine, engineering, travel and discovery from the Muslim Civilisation, an era that is very often overlooked.


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