FSTC Newsletter Issue 3

A Quarterly Publication issued by the Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation (FSTC), Manchester, UK

Issue 3 - Vol. 1 * Rajab 1429 / July 2008

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Discover the Scientific and Technological Muslim Heritage in Our World

A Quarterly Publication issued by the Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation (FSTC), Manchester, UK

Issue 3 - Vol. 1 * Rajab 1429 / July 2008

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Strategic Alliance for a World-wide Roll-out of 1001 Inventions Exhibition
1001 Inventions has unveiled an ambitious plan for a global expansion of its touring exhibition. Through the strategic support of Abdul Latif Jameel Company (ALJ), the groundbreaking educational initiative exploring historical Muslim contributions to science and technology is set to embark upon a worldwide roll-out. Read more…
Special Sections on Muslim Engineering: Al-Jazari and Taqi al-Din
Taqi al-Din Ibn Ma'ruf: A Special Section
This special section is dedicated to celebrate the various and multifaceted scientific achievements of a Muslim scientist of the 16th century: Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Ma?ruf, well known as Taqi al-Din (b. Damascus in 932 H/1525-26 – d. Istanbul in 993 H/1585). The articles included in this folder cover the different faces of Taqi al-Din's scientific oeuvre: mathematics, optics, astronomy, and engineering. Read more...
800 Years Later: In Memory of Al-Jazari, A Genius Mechanical Engineer
Some 800 years in the past, in 1206, a brilliant Muslim scholar died: Badi` al-Zaman Abu al-‘Izz ibn Isma`il ibn al-Razzaz al-Jazari. He was one of the most important inventors and mechanical engineers in the history of technology. His magnum opus book of mechanics, the famous Al-Jami` bayn al-`ilm wa 'l-`amal al-nafi` fi sina`at al-hiyal (A Compendium on the Theory and Useful Practice of the Mechanical Arts) was the most significant treatise of the Islamic tradition of mechanical engineering and a ground breaking work in the history of mechanics. We devote this folder, that will be enriched progressively during this year, to celebrate al-Jazari and his ground breaking work.
The List of articles on Al-Jazari published on www.MH.com.
Video Sections
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Muslim Heritage Videos - 1001 Inventions Video Clips

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Click here to view the new series of studies we published on the academic website of FSTC www.MuslimHeritage.com. These publications cover numerous aspects of Muslim heritage in science, technology, history and culture, including valuable contributions by eminent scholars in the field and coverage of different topics. The articles are illustrated with video animations, multimedia materials and graphic illustrations often extracted directly from unpublished manuscripts..
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